System Tune Up & Reconfiguration Services

System Tune Up

In this process a CAP60 product specialist evaluates and analyzes your client data base for the following items:

  • Agency Wide Options
  • Intake Options
  • Funding Source Setup
  • Programs
  • Services
    • Services Mapping
  • Self Sufficiency Matrix
  • Outcome Mapping
    • Programs
    • Services
    • Self Sufficiency Matrix
    • Referrals
    • Follow-Ups
    • Head Start
    • Staff Certifications
    • Staff Training
    • Governance
    • Elderly & Disabled
    • Volunteers
    • Community Partners
  • Center Setup
  • Group Classes
  • Dropdown Menus
  • Authorization and Privileges



To make sure all the qualified and supported agency grants and funding sources are reflected in the data base; all services are added, described and mapped to outcomes; proper setup and use of Self Sufficiency Matrix.

    • Review and reconfiguration of following modules:
      • Volunteer Tracking System
      • In-Kind Tracking System
      • Human Resources
      • Governance
        • New National Organizational Performance Matrix
        • Board Meetings
        • Other Compliance Meetings
      • Resources & Partnerships
      • Front Desk
      • Reporting

Making sure all staff and management are knowledgeable about all reporting capabilities of CAP60; including Case Management, Services, Client Management and audit capabilities.

  • Introduction and analysis of CAP60 Productivity Tools for each program.
  • Describing CAP60 Development Road Map for upcoming programs and services.
  • One full day of Staff Training specially designed after the tune up analysis.
System Tune-Up