Enterprise Solution

Computer Lab.

CAP60 is offering an agency-wide technology upgrade to all new Head Start clients. Sign up for our state of the art database management software and receive new desktop computers, laptops and tablets at no extra charge. This way you not only upgrade your data management capabilities, but also your entire agency all at the same time.





Help Your Clients & Create Revenue for Your Agency with the Lifeline Program

Limited Number of Partnerships Available

CAP60 is teaming up with Assurance Wireless to offer low income families a free cell phone, to give them a way to reach out for help in case of emergencies.

  • 600 FREE Minutes a Month for the First 4 Months
  • 350 FREE Minutes a Month After the 4th Month
  • FREE Unlimited Texting

CAP60 wants to team up with you to offer this program to your clients and to give your agency a way to earn additional funding.

  • $7 in Additional Funding for Each of Your Clients Who Applies to the Program and is Approved
  • Receive a Free Trial of the Document Wizard and the Auto Dialer & Texter Productivity Tools