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Foster Care agencies not only need to track their foster children, but also the children’s birth parents and foster parents. CAP60 realized that normal Data Management Systems are not equipped for tracking foster children, foster parents and birth parents. Working from this understanding we developed a system that can not only track multiple these individuals and families, but also extract that data and present it in a variety of reports that give you all the information you need, to keep track of everything that is happening within your agency.

We understand that agencies take great care to protect the confidentiality and security of their clients. As your software provider, CAP60 provides a HIPAA compliant system which entails tight security features, such as: Encrypting data during transfer and storage; Access Controls to protect client information and limit access to it to only those who need it; and a Program Sensitivity setting for further information protection, limiting the ability to see a program, its participants and their information to only those you have given permission to.



  • Inquiries
  • Application Screening
  • Fingerprints
  • Home Study
  • Home Opening
  • Re-Certification
  • Training


  • Enrollment
  • Eligibility
  • Follow Ups & Referrals
  • Case Notes
  • Process Work Flow
  • Case Auditing


  • Vacancy
  • Days In Care
  • Home Status
  • Trial Discharge
  • Age Management
  • Current Status
  • Billing
  • Demographics
  • Service Report


  • Volunteer Tracking
  • Human Resource Management
  • Group Activities
  • Calendar & Task Management