CAP60 realizes that aiding those in need is an integral part of society. Community Action Programs started with Lyndon B. Johnson when he proposed a legislature in response to, what was then called, the ‘War on Poverty’, against a high national poverty rate. This legislature, for creative community action programs, was geared to fight poverty by empowering the underprivileged. The legacy of the legislation remains in continued existence in federal programs nation-wide, such as Head Start, Early Head Start, and other similar programs that CAP60 aids and provides services to.
Since 2002 CAP60 has been perfecting a framework and an engine dedicated to non-profit organization requirements. Our staff and management have used their comprehensive understanding of Community Action Programs and agency requirements to develop web-based applications for multi-program Community Action Agencies including: Head Start Programs, Foster Care Agencies, Youth Programs, Weatherization Programs, and other non-profit agencies.

CAP60 is a complete and ready to use product that not only meets, but exceeds, Community Action Agency requirements for all related programs. Through our software agencies have the ability to create and manage an unlimited number of program models and funding sources within a single program and database. CAP60 provides the ability to customize the existing product to better meet specific agency requirements and create complete family profiles that can be used to determine eligibility for all the programs offered through the agency.

CAP60’s features include a normalized database, Windows based programming language, and “on the fly” agency customization options. We recognize that each agency is distinctive, and that providing a “cookie-cutter” solution is unrealistic. Each agency is interviewed and evaluated based on its particular needs, requirements, and internal protocols/regulations. Our software is then customized and optimized for the agency to not only meet, but exceed, federal performance standards. CAP60 stands apart from other software in its field because its forms and processes are tailored to a client’s specifications in a matter of hours.

At CAP60, we pride ourselves in our firm dedication to aiding Community Action Agencies who provide programs such as Early Head Start, Foster Care, and Domestic Violence. We offer users the most advanced Data Management System available, backed by highly progressive, web-based technology. CAP60 is defined by its user-friendly character and ease of navigation. Agency Directors and Administrators may now enjoy markedly increased efficiency from our web-based tracking System, supported by a fully automated PIR function and web-based Data Collection, Management, and Customized Reporting.

The CAP60 system provides a program that is fully-customizable to meet the specific needs and requirements of each agency using it. We carefully evaluate agencies and programs on a case by case basis, insuring complete conformity to internal protocols and regulations, in addition to meeting all business needs. Our web-based system is designed to exceed federal, state and local standards.

CAP60 is currently utilized in 35 states nationwide, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada for Agency, City, County, and State wide programs covering: Head Start, Community Action Programs, Weatherization, Youth Programs, Foster Care, Domestic Violence, and many others. CAP60 is a provider of state of the art Client Data Management Systems, specially designed for non-profit organizations with Outcome Monitoring Requirements.

Mission Statement

Our goal at CAP60 is to provide users with the most comprehensive and tightly-integrated Administrative and Data Management Program available. We want to offer a scalable modular system defined by ease of navigation and customized features to meet the specific needs of various different agencies and programs.


Hamid Kohan- President

Hamid has earned a BS in Engineering and an MBA in Marketing. He has an extensive background in data management systems, with over 12 years in the industry. Combine that with over 22 years prior experience with web-based services and software and you can see that he really knows what he’s doing when it comes to web based software and data management systems.